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Posted on May 27, 2006 at 09:49 AM

Feeling the Wind It's that time of year Time for a long ride Long ride along the ocean coast Perfect weather for it The Harleys are all ready Friends are all here for the ride too All the guys have their women with them too It's so much fun to ride like that too We got on the bikes And off we go to the Interstate Riding together oh the wind feels so good Hair flowing in the wind Who cares it feels so good The wind hitting you in the face oh it's so nice Just riding with my man is cool We finally meet everyone at the pub We are all ready to head on out Everyone is excited to get out on that open road The feel of that wind in your face makes you feel free Just like the openness of riding on a bike Nothing but you a big machine and the wind And an open road We start to play little games while riding Seeing who can go a little faster Nothing bad, just a little friendly competition Everyone having a good time We drive up to the mountains Our favorite spot Well maybe one day we can share that favorite spot together Happy Memorial Weekend ? Let us not forget those who gave their lives to allow us to still Live & Ride Free like the Wind of their souls riding next to all of us... Steven

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