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By the Shores of Gitchie Gummie Posted on Nov 14, 2011 at 09:40 AM
By the shores of Gitchie Gummie by the shining big sea water lay the wigwam of....OLDFLIPPINHARLEYLOVER !!!! it's the day before the big hunt, and I am melancholy. not a hunter myself, and wish good luck to all sportsmen. sportsmen...not gender specific...but ones who play the game straight. worse thing I heard this year...was a decapitated head of a moose on a rock, sort of locally, and a sign.."the wolfs wont get this one". sorry for dropping the f bomb..but that person or persons, are just f*cking poachers ! burns my ass, less than 500 moose here... sorry about the tirade..but something important to me, and it is where I decided to live. I moved to the southern shores of Lake Superior, in my opinion one of the most beautiful places in the U.S. but is becoming winter. and winter means I hibernate and dream of springs. springs and summers, and even falls.. most times find me content but solitude sometimes seems unbearable. so I blog, here..maybe there... and I search all those "free" websites looking for that compatible creature and, I hang around on a couple social networks... and putz and polish my bike on the one that..someday...will be done. I had a woman, actually two. so I know, I am capable of loving someone. age creeps in slowly, my mind too immature to know I'm not some kid anymore but this darn heart just keeps aching for someone that would love me as I could love them. dreamer? romantic? philosopher? or fool? but winter is just begining, and by the time the big sea water freezes over my mind will be long gone!
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trolling thru Posted on Aug 17, 2011 at 03:35 PM
now and then, I come back to these blogs... not as much said as I wish to read, but still any motorcycle talk is something close to me. as far as the dating aspect of here...only met a few people online, and at least one in person! another year... took a few big ride to sturgis, but I pulled a little one down to Iowa, checked out some hippies and hooligans! it was great to meet some really talented builders, and we're going to have a local little get together... for members of the IMBA not sure what that means, but I know Ron Finch will be there, and that guy is a mind blower of a genius! I think his "third eye" must have been put there by Von Dutch! also snuck in a tour of the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa Iowa.. nice place, and even has the only original, ( tho restored ) Captain America...authenticated by Peter Fonda. saw a couple Motor Maids while I was there...and I don't really know what it is..but girls who ride just turn me on! summer is winding down..tho far from over! and I'll be beating foot trying to make the most of it before old man what's his name blows into town projects are backing up..the chopper was supposed to be done last July, and it only needs a few things, but if I don't add oil and fuels, she can reside in the living room this winter ( X-mas tree? ) while the next one goes on the building box, another 58. I guess I got's not done, and I'm too far into the next one mentally, little like the last little love of my life, she's nearly gone, and I'm dreaming of the next one!
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Blessing of the Bikes Posted on May 18, 2011 at 08:23 AM
hey all...attended the 39th annual Blessing of the Bikes in Baldwin MI first timer here, and the weather was terrible...up until Sunday...the actual blessed we were! my first time in a long time to that part of the state, and tho over 1000 miles of my entire trip I hid behind a leather bandana, it felt great to get out, and on the road. lot's to do this summer, I hope all of you have a great year riding and stay safe!
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I haven't blogged awhile and you're still peeking in? Posted on Jan 21, 2011 at 09:50 AM
well it's cold, and I'm up to my snow! life sucks a little, maybe the winter blues? trying to keep busy, keep myself occupied, looking for the dream.
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R.I.P. June Cleaver Posted on Oct 18, 2010 at 11:19 AM

rest in peace, you were Americas mom...

you will not be forgotten for your

pearl necklace,

and those words you spoke..

" were a little hard on the beaver last night!"

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is it worth the trouble? Posted on Sep 06, 2010 at 05:42 PM
is it worth the trouble, is it worth the try? looking for someone who never lives near? why keep searching, never get close, but dang if only....... someone warm in the house.
H.O.G. rally Posted on Aug 27, 2010 at 06:21 PM
the hog rally is going on this weekend in my beautiful upper peninsula! hope a few of you are enjoying it, ride safe, and watch for deer!
sarcasm and brass balls Posted on May 29, 2010 at 07:31 AM
sarcasm and brass balls. sarcasm, when written, and no facial expression is difficult at times. sarcasm is criticism in some form. retrospect is easy. history was already made. brass balls, is sitting around saying.. " I could have done it better" " I wouldn't have done that" " I......I......I..." people with brass balls sit around and polish them alot. world's in a bad position right now, criticism ain't changing a thing I ain't got brass balls, mine are solid gold! lol I'm going riding....
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good times a' comin Posted on May 20, 2010 at 09:26 AM
from the wee weary top to the bottom we shall go on hogs made of steel and tires of two or more riders of two and a passenger of one legs total eight but Ike is freak! less than a month and our trip takes off, from just below Canada down to the Carolinas, going to see an old friend, with an old friend, and his old dog, and me..the other old dog! lol I dig riding along with Ike, he rides in the sidecar... last time we went riding, he had his son along. we'd hit a curve, both dogs leaning out on opposite sides of the 'car, then they would jump and switch sides.... we hit the four lane and I pull up Ike looks at me gives a nod and puts his face back in the breeze... dog telepathy.... we're cool brother!
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like a scene in an old movie Posted on Mar 31, 2010 at 12:50 PM
like a scene from an old movie, Cat Ballou he opened his trunk and pulled out the carefully packed items, laying them out upon his bed. he dressed with the dignity and style of a matador, first, his favorite black shirt with it's shiny silver buttons, next his trousers black leather, and shining in the sunlight placing his leather belt on he admired it's heavy silver buckle then he put on his boots, special boots purposeful boots laced tall. he reached for his black leather jacket, and grabbed his white helmet, after putting on his sunglasses he climbed upon his steed, deep sapphire blue shining brightly the metallic particles in the paint. nudging the starter button he awakened the beast, groggily it arose suddenly fully alert, awakened well rested. together they slowly meandered about regaining comfort in each other. how quickly he thought they became one, in tune with each other after such slumber.... what was it? four months? smile came upon his face, he knew it was inevitable for each time just he and his steed went upon their journeys it awoke something deep inside him. something difficult for him to explain, something he cherished each time it happened but this feeling this joy he always wished to put into words. the time alone his mind ran as fast as his steed thoughts, new stories to tell, forgotten smells when forced through his nostrils made him sigh. slow winding paths warm sunlight upon his face new growth new cedar outside in his world he was amazed how differently it all looked. like 3-D like a halo gram each object bright to his attention so close he felt he could just reach out and touch it. he breathed in and exhaled slowly, he felt anew alive rejuvenated awake after such a slumber. nothing at all like while in his cage boxed in with four walls, windows, tires no, upon his steed he was alive he was whom he is deep within inside where his spirit lives dreams and shows. he laughed it had taken no time at all! not an hour not a half hour but nearly one quarter of an hour and he came alive.
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phooey on you! Posted on Feb 26, 2010 at 10:41 AM

phooey on you!

yeah you....

all you guys and girls heading for Daytona...

riding in the sun and sand...

phooey on ya...

I'll just stay here and ....


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so old...... Posted on Jan 19, 2010 at 08:27 AM

I'm feeling so old

senility setting in,

I can't even remember

the sound of my big twin!

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ya'll a bunch of do-gooders :-) Posted on Dec 15, 2009 at 12:07 PM

'twas the night before Christmas

and back at the club

not one grumpy

not one bah humbug.

the bikers were busy

and smiling alot

for the knew it was Christmas

and Toys for Tots.


the girls were pretty

and smiling so fine

even the old dude

put down his bottle of wine.

they wrapped up gifts

the presents so fine

for the joy of giving

is what is on their minds.


they put all the toys

in a great big ol' sack

took them out to the bikes

and tossed in the sidehack.


they pulled out in order

the old dude up front

with his little red nose

he led the pack.


down to the mission

in quietly they crept

seeing the happy faces

even the toughest man wept.


the children so happy

and full of cheer

they all agreed

we'll do this again next year!


Merry Christmas to you

and all that you do

for it's the gift of giving

where your hearts show through!


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snowflakes Posted on Dec 02, 2009 at 07:24 PM
so it is snowing winter is here the bikes are all put away there's nowhere to play. too cold out in the garage no way to get downstairs looks like the house is the best place to practice my wrenching skills. maybe a long winter maybe a long spring but summers looking pretty good for a panhead king! tis new tis blue and someday all of you will get to see the happy me upon the seat of my new old stead! so......when does the "lucky" year round riders get to rebuild? huh? huh?
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Johnny and Lauras Thanksgiving. Posted on Nov 13, 2009 at 07:29 PM
it's that time of year again, thought Johnny. time to be thankful, for what we have, what we've had. so the years reeled back in his mind like an old picture show. seems like he always went back, back to the times of a young buck. back to the days when he and his buddies ran wild. times weren't always good, there were some tough times, burying brothers, burying family. funny he thought, how quickly and easily he and Butch became friends. started at work, just a noticing Butch wasn't like most the other guys, he stood out. the long hair and beard, not that big of a thing, but a few tattoos, most of the guys on the crew didn't wear. and being a set of wings on his arms, Johnny knew Butch rode. Johnny had a newer Shovelhead, and asked Butch if he wanted to stop after work for a cold one. Butch said sure, but he had to stop off at home first. Johnny had been getting a little loaded after work, beers were going down smooth. suddenly the door opened up, the sunset shining brightly in. and in walked Butch. Butch wasn't alone! tagging just slightly behind him was one of the finest women Johnny had seen for along time! long legged, long haired, and just a fine specimen of a woman! all the right parts, in all the right places! Butch introduced Laura to Johnny Polite how do you do's. Laura put a couple quarters in the juke box, Lynard Skynard blasted out the speakers, and soon everyone was having a good time. all good things come to an end, and it was time to leave. the two new bros went out to the parking lot, and Johnny checked out Butches ride, an old flathead trike. kind of rusty, kind of ratty, but a true rider, you could tell it had miles on it! Butch had parked next to Johnnys shovelhead, and as they mounted up, Butch asked if Johnny could give Laura a ride home. doesn't she live with you? Johnny recalled asking butch, hell no! was his answer, she's my sister! Johnny didn't make it home that night. Lauras place was closer than his, and her arms around him, well... it was that good feelng he'd forgot. it was a good summer that year. these two new brothers and Laura spent alot of time in the saddle. by fall, Johnny and Laura were an item, too obvious, too perfect. it was a bad winter. Butch was a party animal. he rode that trike through the winter, saying with three wheels he couldn't fall down. but he neglected to say, three wheels don't necessarily keep you on the road, as that broken guard rail proved. Johnny held Lauras hand, it had been 10 years now. Thanksgiving time of the year, he stood remembering his friend. thankful for the good times shared, thankful for the woman introduced to him, now his full time companion. Laura squeezed Johnnys hand tightly, she was thankful too. they had both lost a brother, just one was blood. but he left them each other, he made them all family.
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yehaw! Posted on Nov 07, 2009 at 03:37 PM


never thought I'd get to sneak a couple hundered mile ride in today!

not in November...

not in northern Michigan!


good old sun popped out!

hit a good 61* !!!!

all I can say...

it does the soul good!!!!!!!!!

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on a dark erie halloween night.... Posted on Oct 30, 2009 at 07:13 PM

Probie! yelled the crippled old biker,

"I aint' your probie you ol' coot!"

well...whatever the hell you are, come'on over here and give me a hand locking

this sumanabitch up!

yeah...thought the young biker, you probably couldn't even pick up that chain and lock.

"why you gotta lock that old rusty piece of shit up for anyway?

nobody in their right mind would wanta steal that!"

it ain't so nobody'll steal it, it's so we don't steal out into the night! dumbass!

"yeah..right and this old it would run, or you could even hold it up, ya crippled old bastard!"

watch your smartmouth sonny...I guess you aint been around long enough to be here on Halloween night?


"don't worry pops, I'll take care of it, you go back and sit in your rocking chair"

I think I will kid, I ain't feelin so good.

the old guy shuffled over and fell into the chair, moments later he was out like a light.

the young guys phone rang, it was Sherri, the new hot young barmaid down at the tavern..

he was on that like white on rice!


dusk came, the old man slept,

and in the eriest light of night, the metamorphisis began...

like a Ray Bradbury novel, the bike began changing...

rust off the fork legs, fell to the ground, shining chrome beneath appearing,

dust, erased itself, the peanut tank glistened once again in the 20 coats of hand rubbed

Pagan gold laquer.

the old avons, once flat and dry rotted, refilled themselves with air, the spokes shining,

the torn old bates, the seat that had seen more miles, than the bike itself, softened it's black leather inviting the slumbering rider.

miraculously the knuckle started on it's own, the tall upsweeps spitting out flames as the knuckle roared into life...


what the hell? yelled the old man as he woke

I thought I told that young pup to lock us up!

the rocker clutch disengaged, the jockey shifter slapped itself into first and slipped the clutch and roared up to the old man, reving up it's engine, the knuckle head urged the old biker up out of his chair.

somanabitch said the old man, I'm getting to old for this shit..

when he suddenly fell to his knees.

he wiggled and moaned and rolled on his side yelling about his damn arthiritis...

and finally stopped.

he got up off the floor, now standing some six foot tall, all muscular and buff...

shining black hair, not a gray one left insight, arms that were once frail, now had bicepts

that any young man would be envious off.

okay girl, you win said the old? man, let's go for a ride.

he tossed his leg over the bike, dropped the clutch, and put that 21 up in the sky!

they blasted down the road, leaves flying in the breeze left behind the screaming harley,

slapping gears, and twisting the throttle on the old? linkert.


they pulled into the parking lot, hours later,

the stud biker strolled into the local bar, right up to the bar and ordered a Bud.

'hey handsome, smiled Sherri, take a young girl out for a¿ ride?'

" I thought we were going out tonight Sherri" said the young pipsqueek scooter trainee

'sorry's not everynight a stud and his steed strolls in this water hole!' said Sherri

she rounded the end of the bar, took the beer from the big biker, said ' there's plenty more of these at my place sugar'


the stud biker put his arm around her waist, grabbed her cheek, and headed for the door...

the young guy stood and stammered "but...but........but......"

the big biker turned around , winked at the kid, and said...I told ya to lock us up...

now I got your girl too....but don't can have her when ¿I get done with her, and then¿I won't be back again until next year....


the sun came out! Posted on Oct 28, 2009 at 06:44 PM

the sun came out today!!!!!

it stopped raining and snowing!

it got up to 50*!

I went for a ride! :-)

I had more leather on me than the village people! :-(

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it sucks, it's over...... Posted on Oct 04, 2009 at 10:39 AM

I sat in the shower looking at my hands

the skin on my knuckles is back.


the color of the back of my hand

¿matches my fingers.


there is no more "farmers tan",

my shoulders match my arms


there is only a little darkness left

from my elbow to my knuckles


the top of my head

matches my forehead


my nose still slightly red

my cheeks are blended

with my jaw


the marks of summer gone.


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colors changing Posted on Oct 01, 2009 at 03:00 PM

today I took a ride

upon a curvy road

the weather is getting cold

fall is upon us

I¿dreamed your arms around me

in my solitudle trance

and as we drifted thru the curves

in our slow and gentle dance

the colors are aglow

it's oh so very beautiful

and with you on my ride

I feel no more sorrow.

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