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Blog title: It's Friday
Blog description: This is my first blog ever...guess I am virgin...well not anymore.. All is well in Ohio...warmer weather has arrived, but rain is supposed to move in today. Go figure, I am off work early. Ready for the weekend and some time to myself. The usual stuff for the weekend, grocery shopping, laundry and such. Would like to grill out this weekend too. Getting together with a few friends this evening for some adult beverages. Whoo hoo...
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Pet Peeves...C'mon We All Have Them Posted on Thu, Jul 27, 2006 00:00
What are your pet peeves??? Mine are the lazy SOB's that won't take the grocery cart back to the store or the corral. I don't want my truck all banged up from carts, for God's sake. Have a few more...but want to hear from ya'll too.
Whew Posted on Tue, Apr 25, 2006 00:00
What a day...busy at the office and a late night meeting. Ready for the weekend, of course. Give me a wink sometime, love to hear from ya'll...
Thought I Would Try This Too Posted on Mon, Apr 03, 2006 00:00
Hi...typical Ohio weather, stick around and in 5 minutes it will No plans this evening...just hanging out with the dog, maybe take him for a walk, or a drag as it more than likely will be. He loves to snoop around and gets all crazy when he spots a squirrel, hang on.....
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