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Posted on Aug 20, 2006 at 10:49 PM

don't know which but had to share this. a few days ago temp was in mid 90s humidity was about 128% so late afternoon i was going to take a quick 20 mile or so ride to cool off. on the way back i started up the mountain there were a couple of co. trucks ahead loaded down. since i could feel the heat coming off these things before i got to them,just did a lane check and dropped into the left lane then screwed a little thottle on. here begins the problem, the trucks start gaining speed to. no problem more gas,they seem to have the same idea. by this time i'm 3/4 up the hill doin 75 and barely by them. now my exit is at the bottom of said hill so i want a little cushion so these guys aren't on my when i pull off. sooooooo i twist the wrist and i put some distance between us. last time i looked at the speedo comin' through the gap it was rollin' up on 95, that's when i got a glimpse of something in my mirror. yea thats right ksp dead on my . can you say busted. i eased over into the right lane then started to slow down and he passed me. i could not believe it iwas a had lad and the trooper rolled on by that is the first time anything like that has happened. has something like this happened to any of you?

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