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Late Starters?? Posted on Aug 12, 2006 at 05:25 PM
It seems there are a few gals (and guys) who just recently got "into" biking. Mine was 6 years ago. A gal-friend got a bike. Riding behind her once was once too many (on so many levels). About a week later I got a used 750 Vulcan (it "fit" well, cost only $3k, including helmet). Six years later I have 41 states on two wheels. WHAT'S YOUR STORY??
CC envy? Posted on Aug 01, 2006 at 06:30 PM
Just curiious...guys, what do you think of women who ride big bikes - what if she had one bigger than you?? I currently ride a 91 Gold Wing - 1500cc. He's a big boy, but I love the comfort for long rides...the radio all the time...the storage is great for shopping & traveling! In 3 years I'm buying the newer one - 1800cc - and planning a trip to Alaska (probably starting in Florida). I'm just wondering if you'd HONESTLY date/hang-out with a gal who rode a bigger bike (if you have a big cruiser/touring bike, pretend you don't). WOULD YOU??
weekend trip report Posted on Jul 11, 2006 at 12:53 PM
I thought someone might enjoy this...copied from an e-mail to my regular spammed friends... -------------- I just returned from an AWESOME bike trip!! You all know that one of my "goals in life" is to ride in all 50 states on two wheels, right? I had 30+ (and a small jog into Canada)...but none in the SE (except for FL). Well, for the last couple of weeks I've been "not planning" a trip. I was given a belated 3-day holiday weekend, but couldn't go home or anything - I was supposed to stay in a 250 mi radius. But....if I just accidentally rode too far on my's not like I planned it or anything...right??? (Yes, I remain a queen of justification...) So, Friday I got off work at 7am...who needs sleep, right?? I hopped on my already packed bike and headed "north"... I KNEW I'd get to Georgia, probably SC, but really didn't know how far I was going to go. But I had my trusty 24x24 inch US cash card & credit card...what else does a gal need?? Well...I managed 10 hrs that first day (remember, I had probably been up since noon the day before...worked 8 hrs overnight...then started riding. I did take a 30 minute nap on a picnic table in some park in GA. That first day I got about 1/2 way up South Carolina. The next day (officially the first day of my 3-day weekend) I continued north and wound my way through some beautiful (very) twisty roads in South and North Carolina. I did a couple of hours on the Blue Ridge Parkway, but got bored so ventured off onto even twistier/more scenic rural roads (one I maxed out at 25mph - a hairpin turn was done at 5mph!). I did 12 hrs that day - after passing through part of Virginia and stopping in West Virginia for the night. Sunday was a big day! I hadn't made it as far as I thought I would - those twisty roads really slow forward progress, so I had to hightail it to Kentucky (there were few roads going straight west or south...had to go a lot further than expected). Then skedaddle south. I made it though KY, down through Tennesee, and realizing I was still behind schedule decided to skip Alabama (bummer) and just return via the freeway through Georgia. Monday I got up EARLY - on the road by 0630 (remember, I had to be at work that night by 11pm...and was hoping to get a nap in sometime too. But when I talked to a fellow biker at breakfast, he informed me I was closer than I thought (remember, I don't carry detailed maps - spoils the fun). So......hmmmm...a detour to Alabama was still a possibility...? And since I didn't have the pleasure of anyone's company, I enjoyed the freedom of making all the "gee, this road is boring...hmmm...that one looks pretty..." Okay...a 5 hr detour is no laughing matter, but a gal has to do what a gal has to do (and I was tired of the freeway anyway). So, true to form I started looking for a state road that looked interesting and went west... More beautiful countryside - but it was a warm day. I probably downed 10-15 bottles of water. I had to stop ever 75-100 miles to get more! I got back home at 7pm...2,350 miles (about 45 hrs of saddle time)...quick shower...quick nap (I set the alarm on my phone, but it didn't ring - only vibrated...)...but thanks to a phone call from Tony was back to work only 10 minutes late. A little tired, a little sunburned, with a sore palm from 4 days holding a throttle (I'd wear gloves but they make funny tan lines). FL friends - any takers for a late-fall trip to MS/AK/LA?? Any 3-day weekends coming up?? Thanks all for letting me ramble/ was quite a ride!! 2010 - Alaska...