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Borrow a day? Posted on Feb 05, 2008 at 05:56 PM
Theres a lady I have been interested in spending some time with . Was talking with her today and the weekend came up in conversation. Don't know what made me say it, It's not anything I have ever heard or thought of before.. But it just seemed like the thing to say at the time.. Me: You got two days off don't you? Her:Yea. Me: Could you do me a favor? Her: Depends on what it is.. (One smart Lady.. you can see why I like her) Me: Could you loan me a day? Her: {teasing tone of voice} But I need those days... their mine. Her: {Tilts her head to the side, gives her hair a classic valleygirl type flip, flashes me a smile that melts me to the core and again uses that teasing tone of voice}... What are you gonna do with my day? Me: I'm gonna take you riding, buy you breakfast at a quite little hill country diner, show you the Natural Bridge Caverns, and let you beat my a$$ at pool. Her: Hmmmm...{Real cute glint in her eyes at this point..grin} Me: Ohhh and I'm thinking that the neat thing about loaning me your day.. is that WE {waving my finger from me to her and back again} get to fill it with smiles, laughter, and good memories as I give it back to you.. I think it worked.. {big grin} You can wish me luck for the weekend.. Or better yet.. I'll loan you a page out of my book.. (You can even use my words if you think it will help.. Heck I'd be flattered.) Why don't you go out and borrow someones day. I am really looking forward to finding out how her day goes. I'll let you know next week.
Don't bother posting to this blog... Posted on May 01, 2006 at 03:15 PM
Whatever you put in one of the blogs eventually get's deleted by the chimp that runs the B.K. moderators control board anyway..