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Biker Cruise Posted on Tue, Mar 06, 2007 22:34
I was surfing the internet and found a website that allows you to bring your bike on the cruise ship, and bike on the islands where the ship docks. Question: Has anyone been on one of these cruises aboard Royal Carribean Cruiseship, and how would you evaluate the experience? Thinking about going on one these cruises to Bermuda in June.
Riding Buddies Posted on Tue, Sep 05, 2006 06:50
Hello, I am a newbie on BK I do a lot of riding in the US, and I am curious if anyone ever hooks up and ride together. I always end up traveling alone because I will plan trip with someone local and when the day comes, they cancel out. So now I head out on my own and if I meet someone, it is always a bonus. It would be nice to hook up with someone local to the State I am visiting and have a sort of guided tour. P.S. Just Curious, although it would be nice. P.S.S. Sorry, I have not had the opportunity to upload a picture, some have told me I look like George Clooney with a beard. Who knows where they get that? I don't see the resemblance