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Posted on May 30, 2006 at 07:13 PM

Hi, I'm a newbie here. And I just wanted to say hi to everyone. I don't own a bike but I would love to one day after I get to know them a little bit better. My friends and family think I'm crazy for wanting a bike because it is unlike anything I've ever done or wanted in my life. I'm very much a priss at times, June Cleaver type but with a great passion for life. As for some of the emails I see regarding if there are any good men or women left in this world, the answer is YES. I spent 12 years working for the fed, 7 working for the sector and now I'm doing what I've always wanted to do --being a wedding planner. I get paid for making peoples dreams come true and I love it. I love to put smiles on faces. I'm separated but I still believe in love. I still believe there is someone out there for everyone. I believe there is something inside of all of us that is unique and of value to someone who is willing to dig a little deeper at times. Being true to oneself is the first step in finding the ultimate love. I hope I get to know more of you. You all seem like a good group of people. Christine

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