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Posted on Sun, Dec 06, 2009 18:33

"If you leave without one of your group, you better hope he doesn't catch up at the next stop."

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Posted on Tue, Dec 08, 2009 05:39

Yep. I'm even stronger on that when it is a group of girls and they leave one out or behind on their own in a strange new town/place. Have found lone girl alone, scared and tearful with low life hovering about them because their mates of gone on without them and they have already spent their money as they bought the drinks first. Especially with a group of girls. All out. All stick together. Even found young kids abandoned miles aways from home because their older siblings have gone off with their mates. Good thing I've been borought up with the Good Samaritan attitude. I could be anyone talking to them and giving them a lift. Don't know about big hairy arssed tatooed bikers. I tend not to adopt them from the side of the road no matter how abandoned and lost they look. JunieXXX Have given them a lift home or bought the fare for a taxi.

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