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Posted on Apr 15, 2007 at 09:04 AM

OK I have always been a "Pain-In-The-A$$" and never accepted anything and tried to change things. And looking back i have succeeded it was just Damned Difficult at the time. But i have taken on Saftey in taxis for women and children after getting fedup with the number of taxi drivers who use the isolation of the situation to be sexually inappropriate. I have searched out feedback. WOW!!! Women suffering rapes and childen going to school being molested including pre-schooler and smal boys. Wrote to Councils and licencing Officers. Tried to involve police. HA!!! Have I been intimidated or WHAT!!! Thrown up against a wall. Had a gun to my head. Threatened with the local est European/Iraqi mafia. Had malicious false accusations. Pet killed. Property damaged. Car broken into and wrecked. Nearly lost my job etc etc. One thing about coming from a rough childhood I don't get intimidated and am not afraid of violence and threats. Feels like home. Anyway. I am near the end and am seeing the Chief Executive over East Sussex in two weeks time. I have been bullshttd the whole time and he has at last found out so wants to see me. Wish me Well and PRAY LIKE HELL. i have set up a website for public feedback of abuse in taxis. Its pssing the establishment off. and newspapers and television news is interested. But I don't underestimate anything. So God Get My Back. Junie This has gone on for over a year

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