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Posted on May 21, 2011 at 12:54 PM

A site set up by a lone disabled woman in UK to get the feedback from those disabled who are going through the Atos Medical Assessment and being denied their disability and benefits and support is having the site attacked by Atos legal team trying to stop what she is doing. Which is gathering the testimonies of the disabled against their corporare abuser. See website: Aunty's blog: Non political - every one gets disabilities and everyone rips us off or tries to use us for their own ends and Kudos. our site Spread the news and help support. This is a group making money off denying disabled and disabilities and this includes bikers, terminal cancer sufferers, MS, ME, severe chronically sick and parents having to decide to give up their children as they can no longer support them. See our report link on first page of our site. And Just What is the Balance of the National INsurance Fund? No one can find out anymore. Is this where our Atos money is coming from. Grandad Bevan and Beveridges trust fund for their children of the next generations?? Fight and Be Damned And you wondered what I was doing all this time I've been off?? JunieXXX

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