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Posted on May 14, 2010 at 12:52 PM

ok there are 3 elder sisters.. 1..96yrs old, 1..94yrs old ..1..92yrs old.. they live all together..well one day.. the 96yr old was taking a bath.. she put her foot in the bath tub. holdierd at the middles sister... I can remember if i was gettin the tub or getting out.. the midddles sister says ... ok here i come up the stairs to help you... well the middle sister got half way up the stairs and couldnt remember was she going up or coming down.. so she hollierd at the young sister... I cant remember was i going up or coming down.. she said.. ok .. I know, i knock 3 times for good luck on the table... she knocked.. hollierd at the other 2 sisterss.BRB.. someone is knocking at the door.... giggles.. smiling beautifully at ya... i know it s silly.. ok brothers and sisters be safe and best wishes to ya'll on Bikermatch... Hugz... Dove eagle jennifer 

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Pacific Canadian indian now lives in texas Widowed for two years. Life has many changes Life is a journey. Dove Eagle Jennifer
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