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FREE THE WEST MEMPHIS THREE Posted on Tue, Apr 18, 2006 22:42
Has anyone one seen the HBO movis "Paradise Lost" The Child Murders At Robin Hood Hills? I seen this movie about 4 years ago and then I watched the second one. It spooked me so much I went onto the internet to see if I could find out anymore info on these boys and I found the web site () a support group trying to help these boys (men) get a fair trial. I bought a book written by one of the boys (now man)Damien Echols who is currently on deathrow for the murder of 3 boys. In short the story goes... 3 teenage boys who like to wear black and listen to Heavy Metal music where accused of murdering 3 eight year old boys. There is no real evidence just a town full of satan fearing, bible belt, 2nd. Salem folks who could put you or me in the same place as these three....prison for the rest of your or my life with nothing more than fear to put us away. Please if you haven't seen these movies or if you find yourself asking what!!!look up the web-site or rent the movies and see what you really think. If you have seen the movies or have heard of this story and are doing something about it, please write and let me know what you think.