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Fallen Firefighters 50 Views 06/21/07
I know that there are a lot of firefighters and emergency medical service personnel that are on this site. I sure that you all are as deeply affected by this tragedy as I am. My prayers are going out to the families of these 9 men. Not since 9/11 has there been such a loss within the firefighting community. So - I hope that if any of you happen to see any of your local firefighters "passing the boot", please give what you can. With my deepest prayers, Julie
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Be careful how you treat others... 117 Views 02/02/07
I live by my rule...I treat ALL people with respect and how I want to be treated. You treat me bad. I walk away for good. Never look back. Trust me. They will have to live with themselves. Sooner or later, people like that find themselves all alone and miserable. It takes too much energy to be spiteful and vengeful. I can't hold grudges. Don't have the time to remember why!
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What are you thankful for 4 Views 11/22/06
Me... I'm thankful there are people who care for me and those that I care for, for those people who love me and I love. Blessings to all and safe riding this holiday weekend and always, Jules
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