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  • Hey all I just started anew custom painting business, painting bikes and mailboxes for now. I have a semi tractor to paint later this summer, should be fun. I posted some of my work in my profile, let me know what you think. Be kind!! lol
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MY NEW BUSINESS Posted on Jun 29, 2007 at 10:14 AM
Hey all, I starting up a new business, custom airbrushing. I haven't come up with a snappy name yet, can you help? I'll be painting bikes and so forth for now, I will be doing a semi tractor soon. Let me know what you think, be kind.
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hey all, i'm new to this site hope it isn't full of liars Posted on Jun 18, 2006 at 08:28 PM
hey kids, i started riding last year with my first ride being a new bike at sturgis. it went from the showrrom floor into my work trailer and straight to sturgis. my first ride period was into sturgis. i hope i can find someone in here that can actually tell the truth from the beginning. i'm on another site and what a bunch of s--t ! i have been on 12 first dates and never wanted to have the second one. why do women lie in their profiles. don't they realize that sooner or later a guy is going to see them for who they really are? i don't want to sound like a whinner but holy cow, i'd like to find just one gal that truly likes being outdoors, walking in the woods, not at some concrete sidewalk surrounded park. ladies, am i asking to much? if you weigh 175 lbs say so, don't say you're 145, it's kinda obvious on the first date!
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