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What's with the Gay's??? wtf Posted on Jun 08, 2007 at 12:07 PM
Blackleather66 sent me a wink that said I think you're sexy!!! Does it say anywhere on my profile that I'm a Queer and that I'm into Male's?? I'd just like to clarify that I love females and have no interest in Queers at all,so to all you homosexuals out there that like getting your butts poked,I'm not the one for you!!! Sincerely,Mike
Please Help lift this girl's spirit!!! Posted on May 05, 2007 at 12:52 PM
I read a story in the ABATE newsletter and thought I'd share it with all you good biker folk because I know your caring people and I feel that this girl needs our support!! A young lady has been dealt a tough blow of life,her mother passed away a few years ago and her father has disowned her,she was taken in by some good people to help her go to high school and finish her education,the home burned down and she has burns over 50% of her body,her face and hands have third degree burns. She will be in the hospital upwards of 6 months and undergo many surgeries!! She had her first motorcycle ride a year ago and dearly loved it!! If you people could please take a moment out of your life to send this poor girl a card or note of encouragement so she does not feel totally abandoned it would be greatly appreciated!! her name is Melissa Carrieria Maricopa County Hospital burn center,2601 Roosevelt,Phoenix,AZ 85008 P.S. Lets flood her with letters and give this unfortunate young girl a reason to keep living!! Sincerely,Mike Semper FI and God Bless