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61 • Woman
real biker Posted on Jul 28, 2006 at 07:36 PM
ok A REAL BIKER for one thing it not about a big party or a small a party is it being just plain old scooter trash it in your heart ______ about 1994 every one thinks they are a biker because they have a bike ha ha right just like all the ones that think paying 10,000.00 to go to ami makes them one they just got ripe off lol a real biker he keeps his bike going how ever he has to so he will not be down make broke parts work not take it to the dealer where they have those ami tech lol and pay a lot of money to get it out . where were all of these so call real biker 12 -- 15 or more years ago???????? by haveing a bike makes you a real biker then all of the motor cycle cops are real biker????think a bout it you got a mopad i guess you are a real biker 28-JUL