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  • Any suggestions for afternoon ride around DFW this afternoon? "Ride Texas Traveler- Readers' Choice Awards" 5 top choices suggests FM 4, 455, 697, 390 and 373.
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Headed East Posted on Jun 08, 2007 at 05:02 AM
I have never insulted anyone on this site unless it was a joke. I have seen and participated in a lot of positive conversations. At the same time I have watched people fight, call each other names, etc., but for the most part everything?s been positive. I apparently insulted TT on my Bad Boy bog by making a remark that really had no relevance to her post asking her if she was a woman or a man, if she had a job and stuff like that. I expected her to come back with something like "you bad boy" or "Now you've got me wondering. Oh no something's beginning to grow between my legs" or just ignore me. Then the serious insults starting flying out. Then I said it was a joke. I'm sorry to have played with other people?s emotions, etc. I didn't realize it would have that effect. I must be a Bad Boy. I have had some positive feedback but mostly strong, negative insults, none of which were in jest. Thanks for the votes whether they were positive or negative. And thanks for the insults. I needed that to make my decision. Enjoy yourselves. You have a few minutes to go look at my past posts. I've got to follow my attraction. I guess the joke's on me. As a disc jockey in Oklahoma City in the 60's used to say at the end of his shows every day, "Today's my birthday, I love you, goodbye. I'm headed East"