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tee hee Posted on May 11, 2007 at 11:58 PM
you people still make me laugh! my original post was about the bull crap stories, but everyone wanted to "attack" my picture...oh well, and ms. nurse (you know who you are) i graduated in 2002 with a BSN in nursing, so suck it...if you know how, lol......maybe with some of you "girls" posting on my blog, you can now get a man, (or a junk yard dog) that would be interested in messing with your old, stale, worn out snatches....lmao.....lordy all started the drama, i just finished a parting thought for some of you to chew on (well, those of you with teeth that is) remember the old saying "its better to be hated for who you are, than to be loved for someone you're not" so hate me baby! hate me! but, when im an old washed out has been, i guess i will be leaving nasty comments too!! ~smiles~
drama Posted on May 07, 2007 at 09:42 AM
i love jealous drama b******! i only pop in on this site about once every week or so, and i read some comments left on my last blog.....oh god, you "girls" need to grow up! how does my pictures and my profile bother any of you? and if my "panty" shot wasnt acceptable, they wouldnt of allowed it. least im straight up in telling what i want, and not sugar coating my profile with a bunch of lies about myself, just to turn out to be some psycho b****......least i can admit im here looking for a f*** buddy only.....and its my coochie, so i will give and show it to who i you little puritans up here (especially you all without pics) break out your cyber bats and bash away....i will be back next week to read some more of your "responses" to get a good laugh.......oh yeah, and as long as my "slutty" self isnt messing with any of "your" men, why give a crap?
So full of it Posted on Apr 30, 2007 at 08:54 PM
Ive done found out people on this site as well as others are so freaking full of it, it aint even funny....i swear, i wanna fall over laughing at these bull s*** "success" stories people have up, how many of you successes have done broke up?
Just lil ole me Posted on Oct 04, 2006 at 04:11 AM
Figured i'd give this blog thing up here a try, shoot, aint got nuttin else to do. Just want to say hi to everyone out there....i love reading blogs, they can get so addicting, like so many other things in life.....the fall ralley is going on in myrtle beach, im gonna be there....any of you going??