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BK Dysfuntional Family Fantasy Bike Ride Posted on Sat, Dec 02, 2006 12:59
Ok,family?.Here it is. The first annual ?B-K Dysfunctional Family Fantasy Mororcycle ride. The preliminary list of attendees will be as follows. At the front of the line will be K6 and Bdel3har We want oncoming traffics first impression to be Real bikers. Big ones! Noskool your right there upfront too, as the grand marshall and guess whos riding on the back of your bike? This years homecoming Queen- Treas that?s who. We need her in safe hands and you?re the one for the job. Haha good luck T. I?ll be somewhere in there and Jessica ,youll be riding with me, youll be carrying a bag of rotten tomatoes we?ll be throwin at all the cagers who get in the way of our procession. Ob26 youll be escorting the rest of the Texas Bk chapter including Maneater who will be riding her own to this one. You all might be wondering if Junies comin due to her none biker status around here. Shell be there but NOT on a motorcycle. She will be serving coffee and donuts at the meet b4 and manning the food tables at the party after. This way she can do something worth while, while enjoying her favorite past time-TALKING. Justfor ya will be out auditioning for American Idol that day so he wont be there. Bill, Heretic,CWS Thunder you guys will be runnin road block on all the traffic lites and intersections. Half inch this is yours to coordinate.. Stillownashovel and the Pan boys and Knuckle riders will be riding near the front. We like it loud up there. We want to see Ms Henderson on her bike and riding with us this day Half way threw the ride well be stopping in front of The Highway Hotel where DD and dragonfly will LEAVE the hotel room and come out to ride with us. Dueces you cannot ride with us this day unless you wear leathers and a full face helmit. This is because we don?t want any of your hood-rat tenants running us all down just cause they spot there slumlord landlord on a motorcycle. Hossy you will enforce this any way necessary. Demo you will be driving the recovery vehicle at the back of the run . Just remember this is where we don?t run into someone who is broken down?.... Hmmm...oh never mind? Just take one of the bikes in my garage. James you drive the truck, its just safer. Topdog will be bringin up the rear. If you drive too slow he will certainly let you know about it. Badman will be giving the commencment speech and Chop 821 will be giving the prayer for safe travel. Chop will also be riding near me as to help with all the 9th steps Ill need to make b4 the day is over. Sassy gets to ride with who ever she wants We will be having this run in a state with out a helmit law so Dynathoms head will see some sunlite. We will need a really good first aider at the party after anyway. Now. Kimmy will be riding with her partner in crime LTBB on the back of her super bike. They will be covering all the press release issues for this event. Ltbb will be taken photos from the back of Kimmys ride but if anyone hangs around these 2 gaulkin at their ?ladiness? for too long they will get one of the rotten tomatoes that will be in abundance for this ride. Lionesgrn will be riding provided the training wheels and basket are on board. Now Really Red, Paddy. Windon Heather, Susie Q, Angel in Disguise, all the Harley chicks, TamaraT, Wildspirit, NasT, Sweetcheeks, and Primadonna you all have to be there, cause whats a party with out chicks, Old school and Bikernanna will be riding and get there ahead to be in charge of parking. They will both have big sticks to hit people with, who don?t listen to them and I have a feeling there will be more then one. With the exception of 1 lady on here all you folks with no pics and hidden profiles will be makin this ride with paper bags over your heads like the unknown comic from Saturday nite live. Sorry best I could do for ya. Bob Mac and a few Marines will be in charge of the big party festivities after ward. And there will be lots. There will be a dancefloor and live music with Yammyrocks band playin . There will be a cash bar for all who drink and Buckethead will be running the smoke fest in the woods next to the rally site. Becareful don?t get busted!! There will also be a boxing ring set up for all personal squabbles to settled before days end. I will be the ref There will be a lengthy (im sure) sign up sheet for all who want to fight me after all the initial bouts are settled. No ref! Good luck. All proceeds to go some charity and while we are all having fun, I?ve hired someone whos gonna hack into BK and erase every fricken blog on here and well start from scratch. See you all there.
Female motor cycle riders Posted on Thu, Aug 31, 2006 11:50
I saw a guy riding down the street last week on his Harley and next to him on her own 883 Hugger was what I believe to be his lovely wife. I was in my cage riding next to them when it became apparent that she was a new rider. Aside from the new leathers and the new bike,I knew this because he was incesantly yelling at her to--look in her mirrors...use your blinkers, down shift,dont brake....all the way down the road. She quietly took the orders and continued riding as if. Well hubby got so stressed out barking at his wife/student that I could see spit flying from his mouth when he was barking at her. At the next light, I pulled up next to them to offer some humor and maybe lightin his mood. So...I said to him," Nice day for a quiet ride with the wife huh." He didnt laugh, she did though. At this point he turned to me with a face as red as Satans and said," *&#@& you." Shortly before that pleasant response the light turned green. In get 2secs after the light turns green before everyone starts beeping which is exactly what happened. I smiled and pulled off, he revved his throttle and took off abrubtly....right into the back of the police car in front of him. I braked long enuff to look out my window and see the 'HOLY *^@#' look on his face as he and his bike fell to the ground behind the cop car whos flashers went on seconds after. Meanwhile the wife sat in the same spot on her bike unaffected by the whole thing and put BOTH her blinkers on(hazards)and peered in her mirrors to see if anything was coming. good girl. Now for the best part. As I drove away I could hear him yelling at his wife that this was all her fault." damn woman wantin to ride in a mans world.. blaa blaa blaa." He should of kept his mouth shut because as he was saying that the car door of the cop car opened and guess what got out... right... a woman cop. I'm pretty sure he got a ticket that day. What he might not know yet is that the town he was riding in Westfield N.J. has a female judge and a female prosecuter. Maybe his wife shouldnt have gotten a bike after all. If that guy is a member here on B-K and reads this, I hope your bikes ok and I think your wife is a great rider. haha. Cut her some slack!!
As 9-1-1 Approaches Posted on Sun, Sep 03, 2006 22:31
Ok bikers this how youll know your a differant breed then the rest.When 911 occurred it became fashionable to be a Patriotic American ....for a while. Everybody was all about America first and screw those who dont like us and destroy those who aim to do us harm. Was nice that everyone thought like me for a while .haha. Anyway, I did spend some time at ground zero, nyc, while it was still smouldering, as a VOLUNTEER, when it was still a rescue operation. I worked on the debris lines for a while. Then I got involved setting up Acet/oxy tanks, running cutting lines all over the pile.Heck I even repaired a tie off line to a now very famous American Flag. Big deal- lots of people helped. But check this out.At one point I took a break with a bunch of other dirty, worn out volunteers. We just sat down in the middle of the mess like other groups did and had a few bottles of water tossed over to us. One guy asked me if I ride,(guess I looked like a biker, haa)I told him yes and bragged about my brand new FXDL over in Jersey waitin for me to come home and ride it. He laughed and told me about his Fatboy and how some chick he broke up with keyed his paint the other week. The guy nxt to him stated he 'inherited' his fathers 48 pan cause his pop dont ride no more. Before you knew it everyone in the group joined in the conversation. One guy bitched his wife got his bike in the divorce and rides it past his house regular just to give him the finger.Yup everyone in this group was currently riding ,had been riding or was about to be riding. Heres the other thing, everyone was from differant parts of the country. These guys came from Oklahoma, California, Utah, everywhere with in days just to be in the currently ugliest place in the world to help out, and maybe save a life. Yep...bikers, First ones to volunteer to help save a brother or sister. The rest of the time I was down there,(I left when it became a jobsite) I took notice of the folks I was there with. Yes tons of cops and firemen, absolutely! but I'll tell you what there was alot of- Tatooes,H-D shirts from all over and an awefull lot of engineer boots walkin that pile. Anyone there will confirm this. Now ...Take a look at people and there patriotism today, lotsa talk but what are they doin with it, more talk! patriotism is an action, Thats why bikers all across this country were at ground zero and why bikers all across this country will be riding over the next week to support all the causes 911 gave birth to. And yes they will be contributing time money and energy to support those who still need it. Being a biker comes from the inside out not from the showroom in. Bikers be proud!!
bikers and imposters-can we live together? Posted on Wed, Aug 30, 2006 10:34
I generally get a great kick out of you bloggers and your rantings lately until I read 1 about..of all things.. Harleys and the people riding them these days. Get a few things straight,Harley and performance are 2 words that dont go together. a stock Harley these days will outlive most bikes, but you have to leave it alone. If you insist on performance stay out of your dealers garage and his h-d catalogs. If you insist on H-D be prepared to be passed by Easter eggs with less than half the price,maintenance and cubic inch displacement. At least the logos will match your lovely new closet full of dealership purchased clothes. Wow.If your one of these products of American marketing welcome to the playground. We will let you play here. We know you are the ones who speculated on mother Harleys stocks and brought her back to greatness, but please slow down on calling yourself a biker. I know you wear your shiny 'Live-To-Ride-Ride-to-Live'vest to all the rallys but I can see the imprint of a clothes hanger showing in the back. Thank you for turning our rallies into a flea market of tee shirt stands. I really dont mind, really! I was getting tired of watching Spike get drunk and pick bugs out of his scraggly beard anyway. Id much rather talk to your hot leatherclad trophy girlfriend while you run into Starbucks to get your dbl grande mocha latte what ever. Just dont spill it on your new cardigan sweater as you get back on your bike.Real bikers wake up, we have to let the ham-an-eggers play here or we are back to being curbside helping Joe-Bob wrench his carb back to life. Sure we get irritated at Clean alligator boots riding a cream colored harley up main st at Daytona but hey this is America, Do what I do. Drop a five on the ground before you walk into a rally and pretend you just paid admission to the circus. It changes everything. dont worry though Spike and Joe-Bob will be waitin at the bar for us after. As for the Easter egg riders, you can hang around too, when I blow your eardrums out and your doors off with my real performance motorcycle. (it says H-D on the outside only)I wanna introduce you to my friends at the bar. After all this is about fun isnt it?
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