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Blog title: Heading to Oregon soon
Blog description: I'll be finishing up my assignment here in Albuquerque May 15th and heading further west. I'd really like to hook up with some people before I get there. It will be a little difficult though till I know what area I will end up in. Wish me luck.
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Back in Florida in time for Bike Week. 111 Views 02/08/10
Never made it to Oregon last year but hoping to the first of May so I can end the assignment in time to enjoy Sturgis again. Nothing like being home in Fl for the winter and just in time to enjoy Bike Week. Take care and ride safe.
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Next stop Nor wood, Oh 42 Views 07/17/09
Just found out my next stop is Norwood, Ohio. Looks like Northern Cinncinnati. Only an hour from family in Dayton and not too far from family in Ky. I'm really looking forward to the drive there by way of Sturgis for a few days. A friend is flying up from Fl and making the drive with me. We will stay at the Broken Spoken and meet up with a very special man I met on this site a few years ago. Should be a great time. Looking forward to getting some riding in.
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Still in NM 40 Views 06/27/09
Well, my plan was Oregon and God said no. There are times when we make plans and God laughs. I'm now in Santa Fe till the end of July. Just in time for Sturgis. A girlfriend of mine is flying up and driving to Ohio with me by way of Sturgis for 2-3 days. Camping at the Broken Spoke, sounds like a great time. Everything happens for a reason.
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Change of plans 46 Views 05/10/09
So far my plan for being in Oregon have been canceled. God must have a different plan. There doesn't seem to be any assignments there for the summer. So new plans are for Santa Fe instead untill the end of July. The good part is it will be just in time for a side trip to Sturgis on my way to Ohio. What is the old saying, " we make plans and God laughs."
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