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Posted on Oct 16, 2006 at 11:59 PM

So here I am craving the wind in my face and knowing that to stay alive .. it has to be so! Last year I made plans to go to Sturgis (had to work) I made plans to go to the ROT rally in Texas (had to work), I made plans to go to Dawgs on Hawgs rally (had to work) and then a revelation happened .. I was sitting on the couch telling my friends that I could not go because .. I had no bike .. noone to ride with anyway AND I had to work .. one of them stopped and looked at me and said quietly "you know .. if you don't let go of so much work and do the things you want to do once in a while .. you're gonna wake up one day too old to get out of your chair and not able to even crawl on a bike and look back on all the things you didn't do because you had to work" Those words struck me and I thought about them for a while and realized how much of my time was being spent at work. Don't get me wrong working keeps you alive too BUT so do the things that make you FEEL alive not just BE alive. The wind in my face .. the rumble of pipes .. being behind that leather clad warrior on our way to .. "who cares". So this year I set out to do some riding and even took time off to go to Sturgis. Here I was all prepared and lo and behold .. my ride could not go .. had to WORK. LOL it's like a catch 22 situation. I guess the thing is .. that although I would love to have my own bike .. I am just as content to ride with someone else .. Hmmm I don't think that's a bad thing :) Someday I'll actually make it to Sturgis again!! I've decided too much work is great when you're 20 but when you're 40 . it's time to take a look around and live :)

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