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Blog description: I'll put my thoughts here, whatever they may be. Sometimes they will just be rambles, sometimes they might inspire others or even let people know who I really am. If anyone might read this and wanna know that is. Who am I? Just me.. nobody special, just a gal, who likes what she likes. And that would be life... living it, enjoying and seeing the beauty in each day. Even that dog that shyt in my yard.. although ticked me off.. he was roaming free.. enjoying the day. I hear a Harley now, that's a beautiful sound, wishing I was sitting on it. Again someday my knight on a steel horse willl arrive. Ride Free
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c'mon over 155 Views 09/21/06
and visit HiWaySingles, we're all family [well not really] over there. Peace, Vickie
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the last 21 Views 06/05/06
the last night as a preferred member on this site. big whoop sorry but this site leaves much to be desired. it certainly isn't the members, most have been very cool. I hope to continue the friendships I've made. Peace People, I'm going down the hiwaysinglesdotcom way, it's pretty nice there, stop in for a drink sometime. ~Vickie~
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WTF? 287 Views 05/19/06
OK BK, WTF, did you do with my last blog post? I was going to respond to people and apparently the site ate it. Up with it now.
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A Thank You 18 Views 05/15/06
to those who commented on my ~Wow~ post regarding my son and Granddaughter. I wish you all only the best in life. Thank you Rescue! Michael, Thank you, I just write, whatever?s on my mind at the moment. ;) GoodKarma, Thanks so much, I feel very fortunate to now be able to share & spoil my new little girl! LadyDragon, Thank you, Lexi is pretty sweet, but feisty like her old Grammy. I just got to teach her though that Harley's aren't a bad thing! She will learn! LoL or not like her Grammy in leather! Nichole, you want a child? I have a 14 year old I am sometimes wanting to donate for the cause ;-) The cause, although this 1 is for the most part good, he?s still testing his wings. I always wanted to rent my sons out to those considering having children, now what a birth control method that would be. ROFL! Thank you so much for the kind comments. IrishRose, Lexi is the best present I got for my birthday, there isn?t a day since that I haven?t smiled. Thank you very much! My son, while getting the respect he so deserves about got floored when he received the child support payment. I warned him, they [the system] don?t give a crap about how he will live, but they will make sure that baby is taken care of. Thank you lawgirl, I am definitely proud of my son. Thanks so much Kish! Gemeni, we can only hope that more men would be like my son. I am very proud on him! Milbrat, Thank you! Paula, Thank you.. adorable and ornery all rolled up in 1 small package. Even though I have sons, I think it is very important that they had a Dad figure to look up to. I think my 'friends' for filling in those spots, when the real 'dad's' didn't step up to the life.
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Happy Mother's Day! 6 Views 05/14/06
I just want to wish all you mothers :-D a very happy and special Mother's Day! Happy Mother's Day to the single father's I know are on the site. And if you still got her, enjoy your Mom's today! Love & hugs, Vickie
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Kentucky Derby Wknd! 21 Views 05/07/06
Was GREAT! I met up with several of my friends, we all gathered in Kentucky and bombarded a friends home. Beautiful weekend! I picked the winner! It was my 1st bet ever, I just wish I had bet more $ now. Well isn't that how it always goes. Found Muggby's in Ft. Mitchell, very nice Biker bar, I recommend it to anyone in the area. I think I danced my a@@ off, so if you see a spare 1 when you happen by the place, let me know. LoL Peace
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going down 141 Views 04/26/06
eh eh ehe.. no not like that! I'm heading down to KY next weekend 4-8th, I asked a couple gent's here if they knew of a good place to go have a beer or meet other Harley riders, enthusiasts, where the Harley shop is down near Cincy, OH or Alexandria, KY. I never heard back from them. So I'm still wondering if anyone has the inside scoop as where the "cool" places might be or if anythings going on that weekend besides the KY Derby? Hmm maybe someone will answer me here. I hope so! BTW, anyone reading this.. I am not a nut case, I'm pretty darn cool, cute too for an old bag, I want to make FRIENDS here, so don't be shy!
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~Wow~ 426 Views 04/20/06
The day after my birthday turned out to be even more memorable! After almost 3 years my son has his daughter. The mother would not go do DNA testing.. and her & family are transients. Never in 1 location for too long. My son had to literally hunt them down and pursue the DNA test himself. I am so very proud of him for sticking to his morals & wanting to be a part of his daughters life. He actually got the results back a couple weeks ago, but kept it mum from hims Mom. He wanted time to get to know Lexi himself, before subjecting her to a whole new family. On April 19th, he got all his rights to full visitation and he then brought her to my house. So for my birthday I got a GRANDDAUGHTER! Photo's should post soon on my profile. Oh wait I can show her off here ;) I am blessed. Proud Mom & Grammy here :)
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2:30 am 21 Views 04/16/06
~I pulled my stupid blog post from 2:30 am last night~ I was drunk and trying to figure out what the heL a comment to me meant. I don't know why it bothered me so much. I was told I was hot, but not cool. WTF? A comment and a slam at the same time. Ok, letting it go.. [word of advice to self, never try to figure out anything at 2:30 am while drunk.. rolf] Happy Easter!
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Opening day! 20 Views 04/06/06
Opening day for the world famous Mudhens here in Toledo, Ohio. I like baseball! The Mudhens went all the way, clinched the division title last season. While they might be a minor league team, we have a major league field here, if you ever come this way, check it out! Ok going to go get the mud off me, I've been gardening all day. I so like the outdoors! Now if my knight on a steel horse would show up... Heading back out into the sunshine.. I can't get enough of it, maybe I should move somewhere I can be/see/feel it all the time! & out.
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Something I found 325 Views 04/01/06
while going through old papers.. Just thought I'd post and share it. What do you think? Author Unknown. Love vs Infatuation Infatuation leaps into bloom. Love usually takes root slowly and grows with time. Infatuation is accompanied by a sense of uncertainty. You are stimulated and thrilled, but not really happy. You are miserable when he is absent. Love begins with a feeling of security. You are warm with a sense of nearness, even when he is away. Miles do not separate you. Infatuation says, "We must get married right away. I can't risk losing him." Love says, "Don't rush into anything." You are sure of one another. You can plan your future with confidence. Infatuation has an element of sexual excitement. If you are honest you will discover it is difficult to enjoy one another unless you know it will end in intimacy. Love is the maturation of friendship. You must be friends before you can be lovers. Infatuation lacks confidence. When he's away, you wonder if he's with another. Love means trust. You may fall into infatuation, but you can never fall into love. Infatuation might lead you to do things you'll be sorry for, but love never will. Love leads you up. It makes you look up. It makes you think up. It makes you a better person that you were before.
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Beautiful Thursday 148 Views 03/30/06
Just gorgeous here in Ohio today, 70 degree's! Spring really is in bloom! I am heading out the door to walk in the sunshine. I am beginning to think I am only visable to myself on this site. My post in the forum disappeared, when I search for my blog it says NOTHING.. and I've stopped receiving emails. Hmmm Hey People I am cool! I dare ya, get to know me. I really am 1 of a kind.
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