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Worth it Posted on Sun, Nov 12, 2006 00:00
Landed in Tucson Thursday at 11:45 after six weeks in Australia. (Australians are the COOLEST people on earth, we need to drag that awesome country up and park it somewhere near us so we dont have to fly so far!!!! Anyway, got to the house by 12:45 and was on the bike heading to Mexico for the Rocky Point Rally by 1:30. Point of the blog is the rally is definatly worth doing. Like most rally's beer prices were JACKED UP, but since it was Mexico, they were jacked all the way up to $2.50... Good shows, beaches, weather in the 90's, 5-6 different areas in town to venture to. Cops werent too aggresive, and didnt see a single problem. Couple of people are going to be scrubbung gravel out of road rash after wonderfully idioatic stunts gone wrong. Only Bad stuff - Dirt roads, too many quads running around. HIGHLY recommend this rally
Down under penetration going well...... Posted on Wed, Oct 11, 2006 00:00
Been down uder 2 weeks and still think I'm undetected......Could be because I'm in the middle of friggin NOWHERE.........Lots of Red dirt and kangaroos...... The outback is a spectacular place, but just about the "deadliest" everything (Snake, spider, frog, whatever) is resident here and we're working STUPID hours...Are managing a trip and hike to King's Canyon tomorrow, will post some pics....