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Tell me who I sound like?????? 102 Views 06/11/07
Mommy!.... Mommy! It's not fair.....
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This ones for RK....... 123 Views 05/31/07
I found your theme song pervman... bk police don't like links.... huh.
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Ronald Reagan quote.... 72 Views 05/31/07
Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Marines don't have that problem. -- Ronald Reagan Luv it.
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Ya, this just ticks me off....... kids and crotch rockets. 140 Views 05/31/07
First of all. I am not knocking anyones choice of motorcycle. That's my disclaimer. So here we are in Nebraska trying to get rid of the helmet law... been trying for a long time. I would like to at least see it reduced to the age limit helmet law seeing how that is where the real problem lies it seems. I am not trying to discriminate here... but if the sheep is black then it's black dammit. Our city went out and bought a few million dollar helicopter in order to aid in the crack down on the growing problem of motorcycle racing and according to the news this morning already got to use it. Some 18 year old tried to out run the police which can't be done anymore and he got caught. The younger generation... or according to their statistics it's the 17 to 21 range. One of my questions is what parent in their right mind would okay the purchase of or help to purchase a young, not always thinking with the frontal lobe kid a crotch rocket? Wouldn't that be like wishing your kid death? I know not all kids are that irresponsible but let's face it a majority of them are. It makes it tougher to get the older generation to understand that not everyone wants to wear a helmet and to lessen the law. We have had a growing problem with the crotch rockets in my city. I have noticed it myself. Kids challenge me to a race it seems all the time (must be those Vance and Hines) or they are just showing off. There are times that I do not wish to wear a hemet and then there are times that even if we didn't have a law I would wear a helment. I want the choice though as everyone does. Maybe I am just looking to blame someone I don't know but sometimes I wish kids would just stop and think.
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Is it me...... 256 Views 05/29/07
Or is our MOTM just hot??
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Somewhere on a desert highway 142 Views 03/19/07
Somewhere on a desert highway She rides a Harley-Davidson Her long blonde hair flyin' in the wind She's been runnin' half her life The chrome and steel she rides Collidin' with the very air she breathes The air she breathes. Know the song?? anyone?
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Stir Crazy..... 110 Views 03/08/07
Sorry all. But I am just absolutely going stir crazy. I am so fed up with the snow and cold here. It's suppose to start warming up into the 50's here as of today. I went out at lunch and it didn't really feel like it was going to hit the forecasted 57 to me. Anyone remember the movie The Shining? ya, it's a little like that. :)
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