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  • Men what is there problem? Why can't they just tell the truth about anything. It's alway's a game and a big lie. They either tell you there divorced and there not. And if there divorced there not over the ex so why do they waste our time on here? WTF is up with all the BS. Are there any real men on here that are single and want to meet and not play email tag? Or that aren't hung up on them selve's or on there ex's still? Or think there God's gift to women.
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I Just don't get it????????? Posted on Nov 17, 2006 at 03:50 AM
Can someone help me here. Why is it that people post profile's on here. But there still hung up on there ex's and that's all they want to talk about? I thought you where here to meet someone new and start over and get a life? I'm confused is this a cheese and wine contest or a dateing site?