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Blog title: Newbie to Biker Kiss....SWF...Houston
Blog description: As the song goes, "Is there anyone out there?". Would love to meet some new friends!
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Happy Birthday James 80 Views 06/07/09

Happy Happy Birthday Friend...Glad we was able to scoot around a bit. Glad to have had you in my life another year. I am Blessed...Love Ya!

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Lone Star Rally 3012 Views 09/24/07
Ok..still a Month or so to go..but who is going to the Lone Star Rally? Us two twisted Sisters will be there. November 1-4th. Ok Everyone..Just a few more days and then it is PARTYTIME!!!Where is everyone staying?
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Renegades 2nd Annual Party-Houston Texas 107 Views 10/14/07
Hey Everyone ...Renegade's is having their 2nd annual Anniversary Party this weekend..gonna be fun!!! alot of Food ,Beer and Bikes all for fun!OH..and a band as usual, all for Free. I-45 South in Houston at Fuqua Exit...Hope to see you there!
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ES DVD-Music Choices 129 Views 05/18/07
Ok..the DVD is in the making for the 450 pics I took. I need suggestions on music...I know I want Bob Seger and I have a song from a friend called "The Ride", any other suggestions?
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Here's my sign... 118 Views 04/21/07
I awoke early this morning to go to work and decided I would ride in. The fog was so thick you could have cut it with a knife. I stopped at my normal stop to gulp down a cup of coffee and realized my jeans were wet from the moisture. Well couldn't go to work lookin' like that so I decide to ride. I rode to Wally world, rode to academy which was closed so I rode around some more. Went back to academy bought a few things and then I decide I would ride to San Jacinto Harley and see if I could find me some clothes or a few good looking men to admire. I was about 1/2 way there when my ride just died so I pull into the middle of the road. And just stared at it, thinkin' dang..I have gas. Moved the fuel lever back and forth. While I am just sitting on it looking stupid a guy passes me up. I hear his motor slow and in my mind I am thinking, oh Lord, I am sooo embarassed, he is turning around!. Now remind, you, I haven't the foggiest idea what is wrong with the bike. I just know I got gas and I have a guy pulling up next to me. He ask, "Are you Ok?". After realizing how I am just staring at him ( yeah ladies, he was a looker!) I tell him, Yeah, I am ok and smile. He just looks at me kind of strange and rides off. He is probably thinking, this girl is a nut case, stopped in the middle of the road (not right in the middle but you know the espinade with lines?) Then it hits me. Here I am stuck about 5 miles from home, no one to call and I just tell this guy everything is ok. Am I stupid or what. Did I not have intentions of going to look at good looking men? Did not God just answer a prayer and drop this guy right into my lap and I just threw him away? I could have easily played the "damsel in distress scenerio" but OHHHH NO, I am oooook. What the hell was I thinking. Needless to say, the bike starts and figuring my luck just ran out, I go home.
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Prayers of the ES Meet & Greet 110 Views 04/20/07
OK Everyone, start your prayers now for good weather, good times and good friends all in the same place! This is going to be a well deserved mini vacation for me and it needs to go perfect!!!LOL
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Prayers for my Little Sister 243 Views 02/19/07
Please pray for my little sister Rachel, as last month the love of her life took his own life on the 6th. He left her with many burdens he himself couldn't resolve. Basically she has not a "Pot to Pee in" and is thinking of selling her bike. I know the joy it brings her and I know if she sells it , she will regret it. Please pray for her to have strength to see this through and her financial worries to be over, once and for all. Oh yeah, and a ticket home from Indiana! UPDATE: Prayers Answered! She and the kids will be coming home this weekend! Remember to keep them in your prayers for their long ride home. They will in a box van with a VW in it pack to the top and her pick up with Bke(yes!) pulling jet ski's. If you see her on the road, give her a shout! Thank you everyone for helping my prayers get answered.
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Day 5 of New Year's Resolution 180 Views 01/04/07
How are you holding up?
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Did you get what you wished for? 262 Views 12/23/06
By the time this post...most of you should know..
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Relationships Dilema...Need advise 505 Views 11/18/06
Ok..I know all of you are good at giving advice so I am putting it out there for you all to let me hear it! My best friend is a guy, I have know him a Long time and we grew up in the same area and the same circle of friends. I seem to have problems with the person I am with understanding we are only friends. I won't give him up or the time I spend with him. How do I make this person understand? It's not like he is a dark secret I keep from the other person or anything. Am I being naive or is the other person being narrow minded.
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Playing in the Rain 135 Views 10/16/06
Ok..besides me..who likes to play in the rain? Warm rain and bare feet that is?
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Something with Good Feelings Attached 202 Views 10/15/06
Thought I would try something a little lighter or something that might put a smile on your face or someone else's. No Drama..just good feelings We all have something. You know that smell of something, a certain object or someplace that makes you all warm and fuzzy? Makes you smile the minute something triggers it. Might even make your hair stand on ends.The kind that might make your eyes all watery? The one you go back to when you want that warm fuzzy feeling? One that will make you laugh out at the most unfavorable times? One of mine is an Apron. Whenever I see one it always bring back memories of when Grandma was in the kitchen making something good to eat. It sparks other memories as well like old family get togethers, someone bending over wiping the tears of a child and somehow the touch of that apron would make life all better.Not to forget the many things that it could hold. Like old clothes pins which in itself brings back memories of freshly washed air dried sheets. Even the occassional dried up switch off the switch tramatic as that one was it was always better to just "get it" with that one instead having to go "pick one that better not break". Or it might be a an old bait bucket, a certain car or even a place. Care to share?
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