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Happy Friggin 36 Posted on Jul 28, 2007 at 04:10 PM
Wednesday was my 36th B-Day. First one without Jade. My X-Wife. It might have been tough but I had good company that took good care of me Tuesday night and wednesday. All told I had a great time and thursday morning at work I felt like a wrung out dish rag. What a great feeling!!!!! I'm still recovering and its Saturday!!!! I'm still healin and dealin with the whole divorce thing. Mostly I'm good. I've gotten great support and I have a circle of friends both biker and non that are keepin me well entertained and taken care of. I haven;t been so active here on BK. Someone sent me an e-mail telling me that an APB was posted for me????? Its saturday here in So Cal and the weather is beautiful. Tonight I'm gonna ride out to Glendale for a big party with my friends.
121k for the Road King Posted on Jul 21, 2007 at 01:45 PM
Last night I turned 121k on my 1999 Road King. Pretty good for Harley Davidson. I have rebuilt. The motor locked up at 89 thousand miles due to the oil pump failing. After the fact I figured it was the cam chain tensioners that could have fallen apart and clogged the oil pump. Whatever. So I rebuilt at 89 thousand to a 95 inch. Ten thousand miles later I had to crap the stock clutch becuse the new stronger motor was askin more than the tired stock clutch could deliver. So I put a Rivera Pro clutch in. The bike stomped ass for a while after that. I love beatin on the Rice Boys here in LA. Every now an then I surprise them as we split lanes and knit traffic here on the Los Angeles freeways. They always seem pissed that I'm still there. I get a god laugh outa it. Now I need to put that Baker 6 speed in. My transmission is shiftin hard. Like I neednew Shifter Forks. Money has been tight and I'm lookin to my other dirt bag biker friends for help on this one. Anyone every replaced their stock Trans with a Baker 6?
WOW! Posted on Jul 18, 2007 at 11:07 PM
OK, OK, OK!!!! I get the gist of what everyone is saying. I'm used to another (only one other )online community and the response to my first blog was CRAZY. Most were speaking their minds and some were talking shit. usual run of the mill nonsense. My skin is a little thicker than that so being but hurt was out of the question. I actually appreciate most of the scathing comments. I knocked off that first blog and was a bit irritated and didn't put much thought into checkin responses as i figured that they would be the same as the e-mail responses that I wasn't getting. So here are a few answers to some of the banter: No I'm not expecting to find barbie here. She doesn;t exist except for my friends kids toys and that BITCH has everything except a real BOX I'd actually like a cool lady to go for rides with me and keep me company. If i wanted a sex partner I can find that elsewhere. I made GREAT first impression. You either love me or you hate me. Either way, Comment on. I'm not a poser. But i take damn good photos of myself that are honest and accurate. Yes i agree that there are not many of me smiling. Get to know me and you'll see how funny the "Tough Guy" photos are. My firnes are always bustin my buts about it but when freakin valentines day comes around they are always askin if I can shoot photos of them for their respective partners as a gift. My own personal definition of biker is my own and if it offends you go cry about at your next HOG chapter meeting. yes I'm almost 36 (next wednesday) and have been totally clean and sober for almost 19 years. Thats 17 for you non math wizards. I look at it this way: I got better directions that the rout i was plannin to travel. That route would have killed me. SO, now that I have been baptised by the flame i'll check my blog comments with my best OCD I can muster up. and will chill the F out and take a different approach to Biker Kiss. Thanks for all who responded. i did re...
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Not Too Impressed So Far? Posted on Jul 09, 2007 at 07:20 PM
Not too Impressed so far. Been a paid member for over a month now and it seems like this sight is very reflective of the biker community at large. A lot of looky Lus and no one with any resolve to go riding and have a good time. I've emailed about sixty plus women here on this sight and most are non responsive and the one or two that initially said they'd go for a ride are flakes. Don;t get me wrong I'm usually a positive up beat guy. Does anyone have any good experiences on this sit