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Blog description: Yes ... She Marks Her Spot! The Trials and Tribulations of a Lady Of Harley's Bike Overhaul and Life in General!
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The adventure begins!!! Posted on Tue, Apr 25, 2006 15:05
Somehow or another I clicked on the wrong tabs and deleted all previous entries ... or at least I think so!! Blogging is all new to me so I guess I start again! This time with a picture of her transformation in progress! As I stated in the first blog ... I bought this "Kit" bike that was built for a friend of mine by some "Yo-Yo" who CLAIMED to be a Harley Mechanic. And while she had all her parts (sorta) and ran good, had serious oil leak (add Oil every 50 miles). Since My plan is to Retire to the Bike and Road ... I knew I was up to the challenge of getting her fixed up and learning the interior workings of a Harley at the same time. I have been riding for over thirty years and while I knew all the basic info, I figured it could not possibly hurt to know how to handle my own small repairs and maintanence. END OF JUNE: Update ... Bike is still in pieces in garage but tanks and fenders are being stripped this weekend and motor getting put back together this week. I will miss riding this summer but hopefully can meet a guy who wants a backseat for the summer and still get in the wind a bit. Awaiting surgery on hands to correct years of damage and carpel tunnel and by next summer ... clear the roads!! DIVA will be up and running!!
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